Terms & Conditions

Major Force Lacrosse Events (MFL) has worked hard and continues to strive to earn and maintain our reputation for ethics, fair play and sportsmanship in all that we do. Proper conduct from our non-member players and parents is mandatory at all MFL sponsored events.


Parents are role models and are expected to set an example for good sportsmanship and behavior at all MFL sponsored events. Parents must never maliciously criticize, harass, use vulgar language or threaten an official, coach or a player from another team. To do so, is in strict violation of MFL policy as well as the rules of the game and will not be tolerated. This type of behavior may result in the parent being removed from the event.


Players must have respect for the MFL staff, coaches, teammates, officials, opponents and all others associated with the MFL event and the game of lacrosse. Vulgar language, back-talking, negative comments, inappropriate behavior and a poor attitude will not be tolerated and may result in being asked to leave the event.

No Player will be permitted to break tournament rules as it pertains to Year of Graduation (YOG) and class participation. When in doubt, ask a staff member of MFL for clarification as the consequences of violating the rules could be extremely harmful especially in IWLCA sponsored events.


All registration links must be completed within the required timelines to enroll your daughter in the MFL event. Parents and/or Players must disclose any Player health issues, special needs etc. during time of registration by completing the event waiver.


All fees once collected are considered non-refundable and are considered final. No chargebacks are accepted, and any fees related to collect any unpaid fees will be charged back to the registrant or their guardian. No fees are transferrable.

For questions please contact us.